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School Assemblies

Ventriloquism Assemblies

Character Building

Christopher’s characters come to life with wit and wisdom to entertain and teach children the importance of goals and compassion. Just a few examples are: “Grandpa” in his own humorous and unique way, helps explain the importance of setting goals in life. “Sally”, a magical duck, shows the importance of sharing. “Hocus Pocus”, the charming but shy little bunny, is not only funny, but shows the importance of compassion when feelings can get hurt. This assembly is not only compassionate and poignant, but it is filled with non-stop humor to ensure an exciting and entertaining program. : Ventriloquist Chris Donahoe Character Building Assembly


Name Calling/Rumors, Pushing, Threats, Ignoring Fellow Classmates & Peer Pressure are just a few of the topics that Christopher will cover during this 45 min. program on bullying. Each puppet has advice or a story of either being bullied or actually being the bully themselves. Students will relate! A few examples are: Stu” explains how he gets made fun of because of how he dresses and his accent, “G-Force” talks about how kids teased him and how he dealt with it, “Grandpa” tells how he was bullied and how kids can get help and “Cone-nan” is a bully, but eventually realizes that he has been wrong. : Ventriloquist Chris Donahoe Anti-Bully Assembly


NEW this Year – Anti Drug Assembly

Science Assemblies

Our science assembly also utilizes the talents of Christopher Donahoe in a highly informative, entertaining and inter-active assembly enlightening the students about the wonders of science. Due to the background of our company, we focus on the science of the Theatre and how sound and visual effects enhance our entertainment every day. Christopher uses a variety of puppets to entertain the students, as well as show them how science is used in our everyday entertainment.

They will learn how sound effects are accomplished, how visual effects are created and how basic science can create the illusions that excite us. This exciting show will include entertaining examples of how our “senses” allow us to enjoy the magic of special effects, including “flash paper” demonstrations and numerous experiments with “dry ice”, complete with a “simulated” Space Shuttle launch. : Ventriloquist Chris Donahoe Science Assembly