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Remember to practice your smile! Itís the only way you will ever get good at it!


Hello, my name is Chris Donahoe and I would like to take this time to tell you a little bit about myself and let you know why I love to entertain people of all ages.

Growing up in the Pittsburgh area during the 60ís and 70ís was a great experience for me. I used to love to watch how different people reacted to different situations. With such a wide variety of nationalities, religions and races, I had a wonderful chance to learn how to interact with everyone. When I entertain, I like to reach all ages. As I have grown older, I feel that I am able to do this better than I ever have. Being a father of two girls also gives me a great understanding of the younger generation. I think the greatest thing my show offers is an all-encompassing form of humor. I watched all different styles of comedy as I grew up. I feel television was at its best when I was young, simply because there were fewer channels from which to choose. The saying ďless is sometimes bestĒ truly applied here! It gave you a chance to really focus on what you liked. TV is where I first discovered Ventriloquism. Paul Winchel had a show that featured his two puppets, Jerry Mahoney and Knucklehead Smiff. I had discovered my passion! From that day on I wanted a ventriloquist puppet. The Ed Sullivan Show always had ventriloquists featured and I never missed a show. Christmas was coming and my mother asked what I wanted as a special gift. Can you guess? That year I got an Edger Bergen album with Charlie McCarthy and Mortimer Snerd that taught me how to perform ventriloquism. I also would take out books from my schools library on ventriloquism. That Christmas I also received two vent dolls. One was Charlie McCarthy and the other was Howdy Doody, I would practice with them constantly. Sometimes I would even take them to my cousinís house. I did this for a couple years until I was in Junior High School and became more interested in sports. My interests started to drift more toward sports and I rarely picked the puppets up at all. Someone borrowed Charlie and I never saw him again. As for poor Howdy Doody, my dog ate him (well actually, he just chewed him to bits).

Years passed and my interests changed once again. This time it was comedy. Ever since I was a child, I loved to make people laugh. Whether it was doing impressions or my unique way of offering my own humorous take of everyday situation, I found that I could make people laugh. The 80ís came around and stand-up comedy was big. Everywhere I worked people would tell me ďHey, youíre really funny, you should do stand-upĒ. So I did. It was fun for a while but my interests wandered once again. This time toward a beautiful woman named Rosann. Her last name was different at the time but I was able to convince her to change it to Donahoe. Still being the life of the party, I had no choice but to put comedy on the back burner. I was busy helping to raise two young girls. Tina and Vicki are now older and donít need the old man as much. I found myself with a little extra time. As a joke my wife bought me a Howdy Doody puppet for Christmas. She thought it would be a good joke because I told her that I did Ventriloquism as a child. Needless to say that gift started the old comedy juices flowing again. Two months later I bought an $800 dollar vent figure from Maher Studioís. I got a Maher catalog from my uncle who is a magician and is now my mentor. Growing up, I would always be amazed when he would perform so I asked him for advice. Now many years later Iím performing shows myself. Thanks to people like my mom, my dad, my wife and my uncle and a love of laughter, Iím doing what I feel I was put on this earth to do: ENTERTAIN!